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Brand On My Heart Ukulele tab

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Brand On My Heart

Tono:  G
G                             D7 
My troubled old heart dear is beating with pain 

You've gone and I know I'm the one who's to blame 

                                 G7         C 
You've gone in the world dear to make a new start 

              G             D7          G 
And left as a memory you're brand on my heart 

They say you were crying while packing your things 

And left me your locket and bright golden rings 

                          G7           C 
The plans for your future I've broken apart 

               G              D7          G 
Now all I have left is you're brand on my heart 

You say you are sorry it ended this way 

And that I'll find someone to love me someday 

                       G7           C 
Another to cherish the love we once knew 

                 G           D7      G 
But darling that someone can only be you 

The flowers you planted that rose you loved best 

Its dark velvet petals are now closed in death 

                              G7             C 
The birds have hushed singing it all plays a part 

              G               D7          G 
To deepen the wound of you're brand on my heart 

I'm appealing to you for forgiveness today 

For all of your tears darling I've had to pay 

                                G7         C 
If you'll just forgive me we'll make a new start 

                   G            D7          G 
And no more will I carry you're brand on my heart 
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