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Heart Of Stone Ukulele tab

Great Divide

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Heart Of Stone

Tono:  D
	     D                             C 
Well I've been sleepin' in this bed alone 
D           G 
And I don't like it much 
Lately all I've been dreamin' 
D               G 
About is your touch 
I saw that look and that look I saw 
D                       G 
Girl you know it seemed to say it all 
So I'll get up off my knees because 
D                   G 
There's no need to crawl 

C And I can tell your heart has turned to stone D G The love I thought you once had is gone C There's no trace upon your face D G - Em Walkdown That tells me you still care C I wish that I could take away your heart of stone D G And place a heart that loves me there
Well I've been goin' over The last few months in my mind I can't seem to find a reason For you to leave me behind I guess something deep down Inside of you has changed I love you more than you realize Girl I wish you felt the same (Chorus) I wish that I could take away your heart of stone And place a heart that loves me there
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