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Sympathy Ukulele tab

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Áño: 2002 - Álbum: Live in Buffalo: July 4, 2004

	  stanger than your sympathy
and this is my apology
i'm killing my self from the inside out
and all my fears have pushed u out

G                 G/F#                    C
and i wish for things that i don't need/ all i wanted
G                   G/F#            C
and what i chase won't set me free/ all i wanted
G                         G/F#                 C
and  i get scared but i'm not crawling on my knees/  
Em       C
oh yeah/ everythings all wrong
Em      C
yeah/  everythings all wrong
Em     C                            D
yeah/ where the hell did i think i was  b- 3 5 3
                                        g-       4 2 0

stranger than ur sympathy
i take these things so i don't feel
i'm killing myself from the inside out
now my heads been filled with doubt

G             G/F#                      C
it's hard to lead the life you choose/  all i wanted
G              G/F#                  C
and all your lucks run out on you/  all i wanted
G                 G/F#                             C
and you can't see when all your dreams are coming true
Em         C
oh yeah/  it's easy to forget 
Em     C
yea/  and you choke on your regrets
Em     C                          D
yea/  who the hell did i think i was     b- 3 5 353
                                         g-        4 2 0

stranger than your sympathy
all these thoughts you stole from me
and i'm not sure where i belong
i'm going home and i'm all wrong

when i was of all the things 
i tried to make believe i was
and i wouldn't be the one 
to kneel before the dreams i wanted
love, to love, and love to last 
without an empty thing described as me  b- 3 5 353
                                        g-        4 2 0

mmm yeah..
stranger than your sympathy
stranger than your sympathy
end on G

Contribuição: Glauber Alves Costa([email protected])
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