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Goo Goo Dolls


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Áño: 1998 - Álbum: Dizzy up the Girl

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Intro:C-Am(2x) e depois: C Am C Am F G E--------------3~------------------------------------- B------0---1-----------1-1--3/5/3--1-----1--1/3/1----- G-------------------------------------2------------0-- D----------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------- Chorus(2x): Am - G - Fmaj7 - C - G - F - C E------0------0-------0-----0------0----0-----0------0 B----1------1-------1-----1------1----1-----1------1-- G----------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------- A-0----------------------------3----------------3----- E---------3------1------1------------3----1----------- Now that part: "See The young Man..." Am -G - F - Dm - F - C E-----0------0------0-----0-------0-------0------0---- B---1------1------1-----1-------1-------1-------1----- G----------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------0------------------------ A-0-------------------------------------------3------- E-------3------1-----1----------------1---------------
Verse: C Am The cowboy kills the rock star C Am And Friday night?s gone too far C Am The dim light hides the years F G On all the faded girls C Am Forgotten but not gone C Am You drink it off your mind C Am You talk about the world F G Like it?s someplace that you?ve been Bridge: Am You see you?d love to run home But you know you ain?t got one Fmaj7 And you?re livin? in a world G F That you?re best forgotten around here Chorus: Am G F Broadway is dark tonight Am G F C A little bit weaker than you used to be Am G F Broadway is dark tonight Am G See the young man sitting F C In the old man?s bar Dm F C Am C Am Waiting for his turn to die REPEAT VERSE REPEAT CHORUS
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Solo(around 2:50): C Am E-------------------------------- B-----5--3--5--6--5--3--5--3----- G--5--------------------------5-- D-------------------------------- A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- C Am E-------------------------------- B--5--3--5--6--5--3--5--3-------- G---------------------------5~--- D-------------------------------- A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- F G E----------------------------------- B--6/5------------------------------ G-------7---7--5--------------5----- D-----------------7--5--7----------- A----------------------------------- E----------------------------------- F G E---------------------------------- B--6/5-------5--6---8~8------------ G-------7-----------7~7------------ D---------------------------------- A---------------------------------- E----------------------------------
Chorus: Broadway is dark tonight A little bit weaker than you used to be Broadway is dark tonight See the young man sitting In the old man?s bar Waiting for his turn to die
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