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Hallelujah I Love Her So Ukulele tab

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Hallelujah I Love Her So

(Ray Charles)

Tono:  Bb
Verse 1 

Bb      D                D#    Gm 
Let me tell you about a girl I know 
Bb      D             D#        C 
Shes my baby and she lives next door 
F#                       C#        D 
Every morning before the sun comes up 
                     F#             Bb 
she brings my coffee in my favorite cup 

D D# Thats why I know yes I know C Bb C# Halleluja I love her so
verse 2 Bb D D# Bb When I'm in trouble and I have no friends D D# C I know she'll stick with me until the end Bb F# B Everybody asks me me how I know C# E I smile at them and say she told me so
Bb D D# Thats why I know yes I know E Bb Halleluja I just love her so
Riff verse 3 D# B D When I call her on the telephone B D B And I tell her that I'm all alone F# C# By Time I count from one to four B F# C I hear her knocking on my door Bb D D# Bb In the evening when the sun goes down D D# Then my baby comes around Bb D C she kisses me and she holds me tight B F# and tells me baby everythings alright
Bb D Gm D# Thats why I know yes I know C Bb Halleluja I love her so Gm C F Bb every evening I just love her so B C D Bb F# I just love her so
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