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Friend Of Mine Ukulele tab

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Friend Of Mine

Tono:  E
Something calls out to me from the wood and wire 
     C#m                   A                E 
As I chase a dream that heartache cannot tire 
C#m                       A              E 
You’re always there to keep me right in time 
Friend of mine 

You travel with me across the world and travel back 
 C#m                       A                E 
In the brightest light until the room is black 
C#m                       A             E 
If I need something it’s you I always find 
B                       E 
Friend of mine, Friend of mine 

B A E Time may show the toll it’s taken on both you and me B A E We no longer make the picture that we used to be C#m A But the sound that comes from you still shines E Friend of mine, Friend of mine E We shared the good and held up through the worst C#m A E And when it’s time to go again I’ll choose you first C#m A E You’ve made it so I want no other kind B Friend of mine
E But like everything someday we will be gone C#m A E Then what remains of us will be in song C#m A E Will they think of us as they sing out each line B E Friend of mine, Friend of mine Repeat Chorus C#m A Yes, the sound that comes from you still shines E Friend of mine, Friend of mine
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