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The Door Ukulele tab

George Jones



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The Door

Tono:  G
     G                                   C 
I've heard the sound of my dear old mama crying 
        D                                      G 
And the sound of the train that took me off to war  
    G                                 C 
The awful sound of a thousand bombs exploding  
      Am                             C    D 
And I wondered if I could take it anymore  
           G                               C 
There were times when they almost drove me crazy  
      D                              G 
But I did my best and took it like a man  
    G                                    C 
And who would think in my lonely room Id hear it  
    D                                    G 
The one sound in the world my heart cant stand  
N.C                       G               C 
To hear that sound and to know its really over  
Through tear stained eyes I watched her walk away  
And of earthquakes storms and guns and war 
     C                                       G 
Lord nothing has ever hurt me more than that lonely sound 
    D              G 
The closing of the door  
And of earthquakes storms and guns and war 
     C#                                  G 
Lord nothing ever hurt me more than that lonely sound  
    D#             G# 
The closing of the door 
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