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Take Me Ukulele tab

George Jones


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Take Me

Tono:  E
Take me, take me to your darkest room 
Close every window and bolt every door 
A                     E             F# 
The very first moment I heard your voice 
    B7                E 
I'd be in darkness no more 
Take me to your most barren desert 
A thousand miles from the nearest sea 
A               E          F# 
The very moment I saw your smile 
         B7                 E 
It would be like heaven to me 
There's not any mountain to rugged to climb 
    F#                  B7 
No desert too barren to cross 
Darlin', if you would just show a sign 
   F#                           B7  
Of love, I could bear with all loss 
Take me to Siberia 
And the coldest weather of the winter time 
A                          E              F# 
And it would be just like spring in California 
    B7                      E 
As long as I knew you were mine 
A                           E              F# 
Yes, it would be just like spring in California 
    B7                      E 
As long as I knew you were mine 
Take me, take me  
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