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She Loved Alot In Her Time Ukulele tab

George Jones

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She Loved Alot In Her Time

Capo en el 3er traste
	  Tabbed from Live version 
 (Key Of F) 
D                  G                                  D     
I started drinking and acting crazy way back in sixty-five 
D                   Bm                G                     A       
Mama would pray and say he’s my baby, Lord please keep him alive 
D                     G                                          D 
Sister came home with two little children, her man had left her alone 
D                      Bm                         G              A       D   
Mama knew too well the hurt she was feelin’ Cause Daddy had been gone so long 
   Em                  D 
We all did our part to add to her pain 
   G             G/F#                   A 
We all broke her heart but she never complained 
D G She loved a lot in her time D Bm G A She’s watched love grow and die on the vine D G She stood in the shadows so others could shine D A D She loved a lot in her time
D G D Mama’s prayers were answered a long time ago, I ain’t touched a drink in ten years D Bm G A D Sister remarried to a good ole boy, they don’t live far from here Em D Mama’s work is done, now she’s gone on home G G/F# A The words in our hearts are engraved on her stone Chorus Add She stood in the shadows so others could shine She loved a lot in her time Mo-om you loved a lot in your time
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