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Flame In My Heart Ukulele tab

George Jones



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Flame In My Heart

Tono:  Bb

Bb                             Bb7 
You cheated on me (you cheated me) 
I tried to be fair (I tried to be fair) 
              Bb                    F7 
But you don't believe in doing your share 

                    Bb                      Bb7 
But I've learned my lesson (I've learned my lesson) 
And now I can say (and now I can say) 
                Bb    F7       Bb       D#      Bb 
The flame in my heart is dying away (is dying away) 

     D#                          Bb 
Your kisses don't thrill me like they used to do 
     D#                     Bb              F7 
Your arms only chill me I'm glad that we're through 

Bb                             Bb7 
My heart was once yearning (my heart was once yearning) 
But now I can say (but now I can say) 
              Bb                    F7 
The flame in my heart  is dying away (is dying away) 

Bb                             Bb7 
You fool me a while (you fool me a while) 
You thought you were wise (you thought you were wise) 
              Bb                    F7 
You even believed I fell for your lies 
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