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Lonely Days Ukulele tab




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Lonely Days

Tono:  Gm
Gm Eb F Cm 

Yes baby thanks for the way you make me feel 
This love feel so real 
So real, so real 
You know that I will always be around 
Just keep your feet on solid ground 
Never will I make you frown 

Gm Eb F F 

You talk 'bout those lonely days 
Cant't stand it being on your own 
Tell me 'bout your lonely days 
But don't you worry 
I'm coming back home 
You talking 'bout lonely days 
Can't stand it being by yourself 
Tell me 'bout your lonely days 
You need me and no one else 

Gm Eb F F 
I understand every word you say 
And I've tried my best not to stay away from you 
We had come a long way 
And I never regret a moment I spent with you 
And I will never give you up 
No matter what people may say 
Or what dem wanna do 
I know that you miss my touch 
Just relax for a moment baby girl 

Gm Eb F F 

Gm Eb F F 
Let me ensure you 
Baby so you don't have to fret 
Just remember when we walking 
Through the valley of dead 
When we did down in the struggle 
But we still did connect 
Now we rise above that level 
Now dem can't intercept 
Girl I adore you 'cause you are my greatest asset 
And among all the cards you're 
The ace in my deck 
Let me tell you this baby don't you forget 
This ya love it never make us upset 

Gm Eb F F 

Gm Eb F F 
And I will never hurt you or desert you 
Love you from the very day your mama birth you 
And I am certain lady virtue 
My love is like the moon that's shining through your curtain 
Remember when we walking through the pathway 
Out love was like a light 
That guides us right through the dark way 
And now we walking on broadway 
Now our love is even brighter 
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