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Would You Want Me Ukulele tab




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Would You Want Me

Tono:  A
	   A  F#m G  D 
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e-----5-5-5-----5-5-------5-5-5-| B-5h7-------5h7-----7-5h7-------| G-------------------------------| riff #1, 4 times D-------------------------------| over intro chords A-------------------------------| E-------------------------------| 0:28 A E G D A E D e-5-----5-5-9-----5-5-------5-5-9-----5-5-5-| B---5h7-------5h7-----7-5h7-------5h7-------| G-------------------------------------------| riff #2, brass D-------------------------------------------| A-------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------|
E You're never gonna change your mind F#m G Yeah, and never take some time with your hoo-oo-oo-oo D It's not within us to stay in the dark E F#m G But it doesn't matter who-oo-oo-oo A A F#m G D Carrying out your thoughts in the vacant where you talk is not your thing A F#m G D Maybe it's not because your fame has faded into dust and turned to gray A You tell me you're not in love F#m G D That your day is taken up with other things A F#m G D You say you won't admit that your favorite place to live is on your own D And you probably won't but you probably do 1:43 A E F#m D Oo-oo every spark is in your hair A E D You can make it hard to understand A E F#m D You-oo, you kept it written on your hand A E D But you hardly gave it a chance E You started out with your fate decided F#m G You could meet a party steps away D You look around with your space divided E F#m G It's not the promise that you made G A F#m G D (repeat until end, with riffs) A F#m What you want me to do? G D Would you want me at all? A What you want me to do?
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