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Carry On Ukulele tab

Gene Clark

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Carry On

Tono:  E
	  Intro:  E 

        A            B             E 
You can laugh at the things that I want 
        A                             B  
You can say that my dreams won't come true 
        A           B           E 
But you know that I know what I want 
    A                                B   
The strength that it takes to follow through 

       A            B          E 
This desire that is burning in me 
     A                        B  
Is a fire that is a out of control 
        A           B           E 
And you know that I know what I mean 
My heart has been broken over and over 
Over and over so many times 

       C#m       G#m     A             E           
I will make my mistakes, take my heart aches 
A                        B 
Do what it takes to get along 
       C#m         G#m    A             E 
I will lay down my pride, tears I can't hide 
     A                        B 
I've made up my mind to carry on 

E Carry on, if you discover A carry on, if dark clouds hover E A B carry on, when there's no other place to go E Carry on, if you should stumble A carry on, if dreams should crumble E A B carry on, till you find your way back home
I will lay down where I could feel All the wind and the grass in my soul And I'll stare at the clouds over head Cause I've been disappointed over and over Over and over so many times Bridge + Chorus+: carry on, till you find you're not alone B Carry on, carry on by: José Duarte [email protected]
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