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One For My Baby Ukulele tab

Frank Sinatra



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One For My Baby

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: A Voice in Time: 1939-1952

Tono:  C

Intro: C6  C13/E  F6  F#dim7  C6/G   
Ab7  G9  C6  Ab7 G13  G7(b9)  

C6                  G11   
Its quarter to three 
C6                               Dm7(b5) 
There's no one in the place 
C6                    Dm7  
cept you and me 

C6/E    Ebdim7   G7/D    

C6               G11 
So set em up joe 
C6                  Dm7(b5) 
I got a little story 
C6                   Gm7   
I think you should know 


Fmaj7                      Gm7  
Were drinking my friend 
Fmaj7      Bb13          
To the end of a 
brief episode 

    Bb7(b5)  A7  Fmaj7/G  Am7  
So make it one for my baby 
Dm7    Em   F    F/G      C9  
And one more for the road 

F#m11       B7(#5)  

Emaj7       B11  
I know the routine 
Emaj7        B11  B7(b9) 
Put another nickel 
Emaj7          B11  
in that there machine 

Emaj7        B11  

Emaj7        F#m7  
Im feeling so bad 
Abm7                   F#m11  B7(b9)  Emaj9  Bm7 
Wont you make the music easy and sad 


A         A(#5)   Amaj7   A6  
I could tell you a lot 
G9                F#7  F7       
But you gotta to be  
Emaj7           F#m11  
true to your code 


E13            D9(#11)    C#m7   F#m7  Abm 
So make it one for my baby 
A              A/B                  E6        
And one more for the road 

Bm11        E13   

Em11             A13 
Youd never know it 
Em11             A13 
But buddy Im a kind of poet 
               Ab9(#5)  C#7(b9)  F#7  B7  E6   
And Ive got a lot of things I wanna say 


Em11         A13         A13    Adim   A9                 
And if Im gloomy, please listen to me 
F#7   C9 (#11)    B9(#5)  
Till it's all, all talked away 


       Emaj7            F#m7   
Well, that's how it goes 
     Abm7                       F#m11  
And joe I know you're gettin  
Emaj7       F#m11 
anxious to close 

Abm7  F#m11  

B7     Emaj7             F#m11  
      So thanks for the cheer 
Abm7         F#m11      
I hope you didn't mind 
B7      Emaj7           Bm7     
        My bending your ear 

E9   A   A(#5)  Amaj7   A6  
But this torch that I found 
A13              D13(#11)   
Its gotta be drowned 
D9    Emaj7          F#m7   
Or it soon might explode 


C#7(b9/#5)  Ab9(#5)    C#7(b9/#5) 
 So make it one for my baby 
F#m7   Abm7   
        A6     B11            Ab9(#5)      
And one more for the road 
C#9(b9)        F#13 
           That long 
So Long  
       E6      E13/Ab   A6   Bbdim  E6/B    
The long  
C13      B13             E6  
      Winding road. 
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