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Begin The Beguine Ukulele tab

Frank Sinatra



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Begin The Beguine

Tono:  A
Introd: A A6 A7M  A6 A  A6 A7M  A6 

A           A6    A7M   A6         A    A6  A7M   A6 
When they begin             the beguine, 
      A              A6   A7M   A6         E7 
It brings back the sound     of music so tender, 
     Bm           Bm7      Bm         Bm7 
It brings back a night of tropical splendor, 
     Bm5-/7        E7    E7sus4   E7      A9    A 
It brings back a memory            ever green. 
A                  A6  A7M  A6          A    A6    A7M   A6 
I'm with you once more      under the stars, 
     A           A7M   F#m7               E7 
And down by the shore,     an orchestra's playing; 
            E7     Bm5-/7  E7        D                     E7       E7sus4  E7        A     A6   A7M   A6 
And even the palms      seem to be swaying. When they begin     the beguine. 
    Am           D7                G                   Gm             C7               F7M    F 
To live it again    is past all endeavor. Except when that tune clutches my heart, 
    Cdim         Dm                    E     F                              E   Dm7        E    E7 
And there we are,  swearing to love forever, and promising never, never to part. 
                 A   A6  A7M        A6       A    A6  A7M   A6 
What moments divine,         what rapture serene, 
      A                      A7                   E7 
Til clouds came along to disperse the joy we had tasted; 
     Dm                                               Bm5-/7 
And now when I hear people curse the chance that was wasted, 
                E7  Bm5-/7  E7           A9    A         E7        A6             A7M        A6 
I know but too well          what they mean.  So don't let them begin     the beguine, 
E7         A                  A6             E7 
Let  the love that was once a fire remain an ember; 
        D                     Bm7           C#m5-/7  F#m 
Let it sleep like the dead desire I only remember 
Bm5-/7        E7 Bm5-/7  E7       A    A6 
When they begin          the beguine. 
E7        A                    A6                A     A7M  A6 
Oh, yes, let them begin the beguine, make them play, 
E7        A                      A6     A7M    E7 
Til  the stars that were there before return above you, 
         D                 Bm7    C#m5-/7          F#7 
Til you whisper to me once more, "Darling, I love you." 
        Bm7                     Bm5-/7 
And we suddenly know . . .what heaven we're in 
             E7        A    Am7            Bm7         Dm6  E7  A    A6  A7M   A6   A 
When they begin the beguine. When they begin  the beguine. 
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