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Snowy Atlas Mountains Ukulele tab

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Snowy Atlas Mountains

Tono:  D
Intro: D  Bm  D  Bm 

D                              Bm 
We came down by the factory 
G           D              A          Bm 
Industrial yarns where my father did work 
D                               Bm 
When I was a boy I went too far 
G           D              A         Bm 
I lost the tread in the darkest of space 
D                                     Bm 
If I become antique you'll collect me 
G             D           A          Bm 
If I become cheap then youll respect me 
D                                   Bm 
My jumper is soaked in pig's blood 
G           D       A        Bm 
I'm coming out looking for you 
D                                                     Bm 
If you pull a hatchet I'll pull something to match it 
G               D               A          Bm 
How about your wife? I will give her a good life 
A            G           Bm 
My vehicle is in? your drive 
      A            G 
Hey, I'm not that low 
A                    G 
The wolves came on the radio 
A                      G 
Transmitted through a portal 
Bm            G        Bm 
In the snowy Atlas mountains 
D - Bm - D - Bm 
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