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I'm ready to fly Ukulele tab




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I'm ready to fly

Tono:  G
	  Verse 1: 
G                        B7    B 
I've been here grounded for too long 
                   C         G/B    
I'm ready to see the open wide 
       Am7         D     F 
Ready to sing a different song 
G                       B 
I've seen my troubles 'long the way 
       C           G/B 
I want to sail towards the sun 
              A/G2           C 
I want to turn another page 
I'm on my way 
G B I'm ready to fly,I'm ready to soar C G I'm ready to leave this world behind. Am D I'm ready to open up the door G I'm ready to fly, B Em/C I'm ready to spread my wings across the sky G A I think it's time Am D I'm ready to go G I'm ready to fly.
D# - F - F# G Verse 2: G B7 B You've told me I could rise above C G/B Like an eagle on the wind Am7 D F I can glide upon Your love G B But I feel the pull of gravity C G/B And it's a weight upon my shoulders A/G2 C I can't stay here any longer D I've gotta be free (Chorus) Bridge: D# D/Bb And it's been so long Cm Since I've seen the bright morning sun Bb/Gm F Through the early morning horizon E/C And it's been so long D/Bb Since i've felt the air under my wings Bb F D And seen all of these things from above (Chorus) Outro: G F Eb D F G F Eb D F G
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