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I'm Not Done Ukulele tab

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I'm Not Done

Tono:  G

Intro: Dm - C - G - Dm 

Dm                     C 
So, I lost my head a while ago 
    G                          Dm 
But you seem to have done no better 

Dm            C 
We set fire in the snow 
           G           Dm 
It ain't over, I'm not done 

Some do magic 
And some do harm 
I'm holding on, holding on 
I'm holding on to a straw 

Who is the Alpha 
And what is made of cloth 
How do you say you're sorry 
and there's nothing to be afraid of? 

Is it dark already 
How light is a light 
Do you laugh while screaming 
Is it cold outside? 

One thing I know for certain 
Oh I'm pretty sure 
It ain't over. I'm not done. 

Interlude:  Dm - C - G - Dm (3x)

Dm                 C 
Who is the Alpha? 
How do you say you're sorry 
and there's nothing to be afraid of? 
Oh I'm pretty sure 
         G             Dm 
It ain't over. I'm not done.  
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