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Autumn Leaves Ukulele tab

Eva Cassidy



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Autumn Leaves

Tono:  D#m7
Capo en el 1er traste
	   to play along with Eva. 
This sounds very much like her version if you fingerpick it. 
Dm7   G    C     F7    E7    Am 
Am          Dm7     G7   (Fiddly bit)C       Fmaj7 
The falling leaves,      drift by my window. 
Dm7         E7                      Am    (slide Am to 4th fret then back to Am9 
The falling leaves,      of red and gold. 
Am         Dm7   G7 (Fiddly bit)C       Fmaj7    
I see your lips,    the summer  kisses. 
              Dm7    E7        Am  (Slide) 
The sunburned hands, I used to hold. 
          Esus              E      D/F#  E/G#    Am7    (slide) 
Since you went away......  the days grow long. 
      Dm7             G         C                  Fmaj7
And soon I'll hear... old winters song.  
      Dm7            E7                               Am  Am/G Am/F#   F7
But I miss you...    most of  all... my darling. 
            E7              Am (Slide.) 
When autumn leaves start to fall . 
Repaeat last verse. 
Not figured how to combine chords and tab together yet 
Fiddly bits. First number is the string/then the fret. 
G                (2/1  5/0)       3/0       (2/3  5/2)   3/0    C chord 1st and 5th                                                  
           Drift by                              my                     window 
Eva uses this in Over the rainbow. 
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