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Prisoner Of Love Ukulele tab

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Prisoner Of Love

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Jazz

( Robin, Glarence Gaskill and Russ Columbo)

Tono:  D
Intro: D Gm D Gm D F#m5-/7 B7/9 

  E7/9   Bm5-/7                A7/13      A7 
Alone from night to night you'll find me 
D7M        D          D6           F#m      Bb9 
Too weak to break the chains that bind me 
Em       G/B           A7/13    Edim 
I need no shackles to remind me 
Bm        Bm5-/7        Em7    G/B     A7 
I'm just a prisoner of love 
E7/9      Bm7/9               A7/13       A7 
For one command I stand and wait now 
D7M            D        D6      F#m      Bb9 
From one who's master of my fate now 
Em        G/B                A7/13    Edim 
I can't escape, for it's too late now  
D              Gm              D 
I'm just a prisoner of love 
             F#m           C#m5-/7       
What's the good of my caring  
    F#m       C#7           F#m  B9   F#m  C#7 
If someone is sharing those arms with me 
        F#m          C#m5-/7 
Although she has another 
  F#m        C#7          F#  C#7    A7 
I can't have another, for I'm not free 
E7/9        Bm5-/7              A7/13      A7 
She's in my dreams, awake or sleeping 
D7M     D       D6       F#m      Bb9 
Upon my knees to her I'm creeping 
Em       G/B           A7/13     Edim 
My very life is in her keeping 
D              Gm              D 
I'm just a prisoner of love 
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