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Fool That I Am Ukulele tab

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Fool That I Am

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Jazz

Tono:  Db
	  Intro: Dbmaj7 Gb9 Dbmaj9 Ab7/5+ Ab7#9 Dbmaj7 

Dbmaj7       Bbdim 
Fool that I am, 
    Ebm9                     Ab7/5+ 
For falling in love with you. 
          Dbmaj7       Bbdim 
And a, fool that I am, 
     Ebm9                         Ab7/5+ 
For thinking you loved me, too. 

You took my heart, 
       Db+               Ebm7    F7 
Then played the part of little coquette. 
      Bbm7                     Eb7 
And, all my dreams just disappeared 
             Ebm9                   Ab7/5+ 
Like the smoke from a cigarette. 

Dbmaj7        Bbdim 
Fool that I am, 
       Ebm9                   Ab7/5+    
For hoping you'd understand. 
And thinking you 
Would listen, too, 
       Ebm9                     Ab7/5+ 
And, oh, the things I had planned. 

      Gbmaj7             Gbm7 
But we couldn't see eye to eye 
So, darling, darling, darling, 
This is goodbye. 
But I still care, but I still care, 
Ab13                   Dbmaj7 
And oh, fool that I am. 
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