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Coat Of Many Colors Ukulele tab

Emmylou Harris



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Coat Of Many Colors

Tono:  C
Back through the years I go wondering once again 
Back to the seasons of my youth 
I recall a box of rags  someone gave us 
And how my mamma put those rags to use 
There were rags of many Colors and every piece was small 
                                    G                G 
And I didn't have a coat and it was way down in the fall 
       C                                  F 
Mamma sewed the rags together  she sewied ever piece with love 
            C                    G              C 
She made my coat of many Colors  I was so proud of 
As she sewed she told the story from the bible she had read 
About a coat of many Colors Joseph wore and then she said 
 C                                     F 
Perhaps this coat will bring you good love and happiness 
And I just couldn't wait to wear it 
          G                C 
As mamma blessed it with a kiss 
    F                           C 
My  coat of many Colors that my mamma made for me 
F                           C             G 
Made from  only rags  but I wore it so proudly 
          C                               F 
though we didn't have much money oh I was rich as I could be 
      C                      G              C 
In my coat of many Colors my mamma made for me 
So with patches on my britches and holes in both my shoes 
In my coat of many Colors  well I started off to school 
        C                              F 
Just to find the children laughing and makin' fun of me 
      C                      G              C 
In my coat of many Colors my mamma made for me 
Now  I didn't understand it for I felt that I was rich 
And I told them of the love my mamma sewed in ever stitch 
C                         F 
All about the story mamma told me while she sewed 
And how my coat of many Colors 
          G                      C 
WAs worth more than all of their gold 
     F                           C 
They didn't under stand it and I tried to make them see 
F                    C                G 
One's only poor only if you choose to be 
          C                 F                     C 
We didnt  have no money but I'm as rich as I could be 
      C                      G              C 
In my coat of many Colors my mamma made for me 
      C                      G                   F  C 
In my coat of many Colors my mamma made just for me 
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