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Yesterdays Ukulele tab

Ella Fitzgerald



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Tono:  Em
	  Em     B7   Em     B7 
Yesterdays, yesterdays, 
Em     B+      Em7     Em6     C         B7 
Days I knew as happy, sweet sequestered days. 
Am7    B7    Em    Cmaj7/6 
Olden days, golden days, 
F       G7      G7/5+        C 
Days of mad ro - mance and love. 
 B7       Em        B7    Em       B7 
Then gay youth was mine, truth was mine, 
Em     B+       Em7     Em6        C         B7 
Joyous free and flaming life, forsooth, was mine. 
Am7   B7   G    Cmaj7/6 
Sad am I, glad am  I 
F7    G7               C  B7     Em 
For today I'm dreaming of Yesterdays. 
Repeat 2 twices . 

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