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Stompin' At The Savoy Ukulele tab

Ella Fitzgerald



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Stompin' At The Savoy

Áño: 1988 - Álbum: Ella in Rome: The Birthday Concert

Tono:  G
Introdução: G Gdim D B7 Em7 A7 D    

A7/13 D         Em7  Fdim    D6 
Savoy, the home of sweet romance 
A7   D7M            Em7 Fdim  D6 
Savoy, it wins you with a  glance, 
Fdim  A7              Em7 G/B  A7  Edim D6 Cdim Em7 G/B A7 
 Savoy, gives happy feet a chance to dance 
A7/13  D                Em7    Fdim  D6 
Your form just like a clinging vine 
A7    D7M             Em7 Fdim D6 
Your lips so warm and sweet as wine 
Fdim      A7               Em7 G/B  A7  Edim   D  Gdim D D9 
 Your  cheek so soft and close to mine, divine 
G7   G#7     G7      C     Gm7      C9      C     
How my heart is singing, while the band is swinging, 
F7     F#7      F7           Bb               A7  
Never tired of romping, and stomping with you at the Savoy 
A7/13  D            Em7  Fdim D6 
What joy!  A perfect holiday 
A7  D7M               Em7 Fdim  D6 
Savoy, where we can glide and sway 
Fdim  Em7         G/B   A7   
  Savoy, let me stomp away  
A7/9    D G D D9 D D7 G Gdim D B7 Em7 G/B A7 A7/13 D 
With you 
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