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Remember Ukulele tab

Ella Fitzgerald



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Tono:  D

D        G    Gm D       E7     A7   D    A7/13-     D    A7 
One little kiss, a moment of bliss, then hours of deep regret 
D          G   Gm   D      E7    A7  D     D7  G  C#7 
One little smile, and after a while, a longing to forget 
F#      G#m       C#7  F#        G#m  C#7 
One little heartache,  left as a token 
F#      A        B7      E7     A7 
One little plaything carelessly broken 
  G    D7/13-       G     D7/13- 
Remember the night, the night you said  
  G    Gdim  A7  D 
I love you remember 
   G         D7/13-        G       D7/13- 
Remember you vowed by all the stars  
G   Gdim    A7  D      D7 
Above you remember 
 G    G/F#    G/E   Gm7 
Remember we found a lonely spot 
 D        D7M       Em     F# 
And after I learned to care a lot 
  G       D7/13-      D     E7/9 
You promised that you'd forget me not, 
 A9      A7 A7/13  A7    D 
But you forgot  to remember. 
D     G    Gm  D        E7   A7   D      A7/13-    D    A7 
Into my dreams you wandered, it seems, and then there came a day 
D      G      Gm   D     E7   A7   D     D7       G  C#7 
You loved me, too, my dreams came true, and all the world was May 
A9            A7   A7/13      A7     D 
But soon the May time turned to December 
F#      A      B7      E7  A7   D 
You had forgotten, do you remember 
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