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Desafinado (slightly Out Of Tune) Ukulele tab

Ella Fitzgerald



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Desafinado (slightly Out Of Tune)

(Antonio Carlos Jobim and Newton Mendonça)

Tono:  C

C       C7M    C7M/9   C7M    D5-/7 
Love is like a never-ending melody 
Dm7           G7            G/Bb     A7/9-   A7 
Poets have compared it to a symphony 
  Dm7         G/Bb          A7M              C#m7 
A symphony conducted by the lighting of the moon 
Dm              Dm+7    Dm7      Bb9            G7                 
But our song of love is slightly out of tune 
C         C7M    C7M/9      C7M     D5-/7 
Once your kisses raised me to a fever pitch 
Dm7            G7            G/Bb      A7 
Now the orchestration doesn't seem so rich 
Dm7                G/Bb                A7M          C#m7 
Seems to me you've changed the tune we used to sing 
Dm7           Bb9   Am7          B7 
Like the bossa nova, love should swing 
   E           C#m7       C#m5-/7      F#m7          B7          
We used to harmonize, two souls in perfect time 
E              C#m7      C#m5-/7   F#m7              B7    
Now the song is diff'rent and the words don't even rhyme 
   F7  G              Fdim         Am7                 D9 
'Cause you forgot the melody our hearts would always croon 
            Dm       Dm7+          Dm7     Bb9     G7      
And so what good's a heart that's slightly out of tune 
C          C7M     C7M/9    C7M     D5-/7 
Tune your heart to me the way it used to be 
Dm7             G7          G/Bb           A7/9-   A7 
Join with me in harmony and sing a song of loving 
      F7M              Bb9           Em7     Cdim 
We're bound to get in tune again before too long  
There'll be no desafinado  
                  Bb9              Dm5-/7 
When your heart belongs to me completely 
       D7                        Dm7   
So you won't be slightly out of tune 
        G7    C9       C 
You'll sing along with me 
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