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Anniversary Song Ukulele tab

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Anniversary Song

( Al Jolson and Saul Chaplin)

Tono:  E
E      Esus4 E            Am   A9  Am 
Oh, how we danced on the night we were wed;  
    Dm   D9   Dm   Am    A9  Am  E  Fdim E    Am 
We vowed our true love though a word  wasn't said. 
    E        Esus4  E                Am   A9 Am 
The world was in  bloom, there were stars in the skies, 
  Dm   D9  Dm   Am  A9  Am    E   Fdim  E    Am 
Except for the few that were there in  your eyes. 
F           Dm7         G9   G  Bm5-/7  C 
Dear, as I held you so close in   my arms,  
F              Dm7      G9       G  Bm5-/7     C 
Angels were singing a hymn to your charms, 
     Dm              Dm7+            Dm7              Am 
Two hearts gently beating were murmuring low, 
    Dm7         Am  E7  Am 
"My darling, I love you so." 
    E           Esus4   E            Am          A9    Am 
The night seemed to  fade into blossoming dawn; 
    Dm   D9   Dm  Am  A9  Am   E     Fdim  E     Am 
The sun shone a   new but the dance    lingered on. 
      E     Esus4      E             Am       A9   Am 
Could we but relive that sweet moment sublime, 
     Dm   D9   Dm   Am  A9 Am   E    Fdim  E   Am 
We'd find that our love is    unaltered by    time. 
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