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Top Floor (acoustic) Ukulele tab

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Top Floor (acoustic)

Tono:  D

I can see the city lights 
                    D/F#    Em  
From where I stand on the top floor 
                  C       G 
And I'm not sure if I'm dead 

I raise my hands to the clouds 
                    D/F#     Em 
To check if heaven is with me now 
                  C     G 
Cause the devil's in my bed 

          Em      C          G 
She won't love me like she could 
          Em      C          G 
She won't hold me like you would 

I bid this city goodnight 
                      D/F#    Em  
And cover street lamps like my eyes 
                 C   G 
When it’s quiet I’ll go 

I'm saying my sweetest goodbye 
              D/F#    Em 
Under billboards of fastfoods  
    C        G 
and mobile phones 

                 Em        C          G         
Cause they don't treat me like they should 
                 C         D         G 
Cause they don't need me like you would 

My toes curled clutched to the edge 
I'm filled up with regret 
C                    D 
Could you forgive me yet? 

           C         G 
Would you know if I fell 
          Em  G      D/F# G 
From this hotel? 
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