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Tono:  G
Capo en el 5º traste

G  D                C                       D 
Hi, my name is Jamie, there was a time when radio played me  
G              D                 C                      D 
Cause my music came from my heart, it was real to me but now it’s apart, 
G                    D                          C 
I’m here struggling, keeping it real, while the rest of them are hustling, 
seeking a deal, 
G               D                  C                                 D         
Sometimes I sit back and think Jamie just do one tune, make a couple G's and chill, 
G            D                       C                     D 
The reason I started making music is the exact same reason that I’ll never do it, I swear 
G                     D                                 C 
I didn’t go through all that for this, I’ll give that a miss, that’s just how  
it is, unfair, straight, 
G                          D             C                 D 
Who could tell me different, look at me, determined, Man on a mission 
G             D                 C                      D 
My music is me, and I am my music So like it or lump it, I’ma do this 

G D C D I never had a playlist in my heart, oho G D C D Now I need an A list just to chart G D C D For I’ve been famous from the start G D C D How am I gonna make my mark, oh oh
G D C D Are you gonna play me, though, song was never meant for the radio G D C D I get …radio spin, I’m just doing my thing, and I don’t have time for a playlist G D C D G How much will you pay me though? the song was not a hit on the radio, oho,
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