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Tono:  E
Capo en el 2º traste
I seem to find myself talking to the powers that be  
C                                     B                                
awaking the shade and shadowed under towering trees  
admiring the scene, inhaling fumes of flowers that breathe.  
C                                   B                          
jet lagged eyes are begging for an hour to sleep  
although my blood shot whites and iris's they never find any  
C                                  B                    E 
clock stops at times where the sun shine can blind many  
although my eyes are heavy they wont be closing soon  
                                  B                      E 
cos i know that time waits for nobody, I suppose its true  
we make corrosive tunes with acid tabs and vocal booths  
to see the flashing lights at photo shoots, we make our motive moves  
E                                    C 
I say what ever I feel to vent a rhyme  
so i can still invent the lines and stay close to the friends of mine  
E           G                                    
cos we all recognise, real is what my father says  
C                                           B 
and i'll be sticking to this phrase until I pass away  
E            G                                      C 
overworking, no sleep is just another way to die slow  
                     B                   C           D 
but i'll just keep going strong as ever, never let my eyes close  
I never sleep  
                                     C                    B           E  
when trouble steals thoughts from a restless mind for free, it could be,  
E  G     C 
     B                           E                 
the times i'm living in i never sleep, when trouble steals thoughts from a  
C                     B          E 
restless mind for free, it could be.. 
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