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King Of The Kings Ukulele tab

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King Of The Kings

Tono:  Am
Born with a heart 
           Dm             C 
That could ache more than beat 
The mind of a killer 
    Dm          C 
The soul of the meek 
Flock with no shepherd 
     Dm         C 
Is a vulnerable game 
I can live without heart, without love 
      Dm        C 
But I do need a name 

Bb                          A 
Father, do you burn if your hand is in fire? 
          G                        F             E 
Does your head spin with rage when fooled by the liars? 
F           G            F        E 
King of the kings do you feel any pain? 
       F        E 
Do you feel any pain? 
       F        E 
Do you feel any pain? 
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