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But Beautifull Ukulele tab

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But Beautifull

( Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen)

Tono:  G
	  D7   Am7 G6   Bm5-/7     E7/9- E7  
Love is funny  or  it's sad  
Am7     C#m5-/7       F#7 
Or it's quiet or it's mad; 
        G6       Bm5-/7    E7/9- E7     
It's a good thing or it's bad     
    A7/9     Cdim A7/9 A7 
but beautiful! 
A7            D9     D7         G      G/F#      E7 
Beautiful to take a chance, and if you fall, you fall 
        Am      Am+7   Am7      Am6     D9 Am7 D7 
And I'm thinking that I wouldn't mind at all 
D7   Am7 G6     Bm5-/7         E7/9- E7 
Love is tearful       or it's gay  
Am7    C#m5-/7          F#7 
It's a problem or it's play; 
       G6        Bm5-/7  E7/9-  E7       
It's a heartache either way       
But beautiful 
        Am7     Cm7 D7 G6  G/F#        
And I'm thinking    if you       
Em7       Am   B7      Em  Em7+  F7 
were mine, I'd never let you go 
     Am7       D7/9     Cdim  D7      G6 
And that would be but beautiful, I know 
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