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Lazy Afternoon Ukulele tab

Eartha Kitt



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Lazy Afternoon

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Mastercuts

(John Latouche and Jerome Moross)

Tono:  Em
Em     Em7 Em6 Em7/9 Em6 
It's a lazy afternoon  
Em      Em7   Em6 Em7/9  Em6 
And the beetle bugs are  zoomin' 
Em7 A7  Em7    A7   Em7  A7 
And the tulip trees are bloomin' 
Em7 Em7/9  Em7  A7  Em7 A7/9     Em7 Em9  Em7 A7 
And there's not another  humanin view but us two 
Am     Am7  D9 Am7 D9 
It's a lazy afternoon 
Am      Am7     D9    Am7  D9 
And the farmer leaves his reapin' 
Am      Am7     D9  Am7 D7/9 
In the meadow, cows are sleepin', 
Am7 D9   Am7     A7/9   Am7  A7/9    D9 A7/9 Em7 G/B  A7/9  D7 
And the speckled trout stops leapin' up stream as  we dream 
Am7 A9  A7/9  A9   A7/9 D7    Am7 D7 
 A fat, pink cloud hangs over the hill 
Am7 D7 D7/9  D7 Am7 D9 
Un folding like a rose 
Am7    D7/9 Am7 D7  Am7 D   Am7   D7 
If you hold my hand and sit real still 
Am      D7/9 A7/9 Am  Am7 A7/9  D9 B7 Em 
You can hear the grass as  it grows 
Em    Em7   Em6 Em7/9  Em6 
It's a hazy afternoon 
Em     Em7    Em6 Em7/9   Em6 
And I know a place that's quit 
G/B      A7      Em7 A7   Em7   
'Cept for daisies runnin' riot 
Em7 Em7/9   Em7  A7 Em7 A7/9   Em7 Em9 Em7 A7 
And there's noone passin' by it  to see 
Em7    A   Am      Am7  Am D9   Am7  D7/9 Em 
Come spend    this lazy afternoon with me 
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