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Peaceful Easy Feeling Ukulele tab



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Peaceful Easy Feeling

Áño: 1972 - Álbum: The Very Best of the Eagles [2001]

Tono:  D
	  D                   G                              D       G                 
 --  i like the way your sparkling earrings lay   
D                         G         A7                
 -- Against your skin so brown   
D                          G                               D           G                         
 -- And i want to sleep with you in the desert tonight   
D                           G          A7                         
 -- With a million stars all around,     

                  G                     D               
     i got a peaceful easy feeling   
G                                                   Em      A7   
  -- And i know you won't let me down,   
                      D Em     G       A7             D   
    'cause i'm already standing on the ground.   

D                      G               D    G   
 -- And i found out a long time ago   
D                                  G               A7       
 -- What a woman can do to your soul.   
D                               G          D     G   
 -- Ah, but she can't take you any way   
D                                 G                A7       
 -- You don't already know how to go,   

                           G                   D              
     And i got a peaceful easy feeling   
G                                                 Em7        A7   
  -- And i know you won't let me down,   
                       D  Em     G          A7         D   
     'cause i'm already standing on the ground,   

D                    G                 D       G   
   -- I get the feeling i may know you   
D             G                A7        
   -- as a lover and a friend,   
D                                         G           D                G   
   -- But this voice keeps whispering in my other ear,   
             D                    G            A7        
Tells me i may never see you again.   

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