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Lay It On Me Ukulele tab

Dylan Scott



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Lay It On Me

Tono:  G
Capo en el 1er traste
Intro: G Em C x2 

This is the third night in a row 
We’ve been cruising the town 
Windows down, singing songs 
Just driving around 

My buddies think I’m crazy 
Hell, I might be maybe 

But that’s okay baby 
C once 
What you say? 

G Come fall into me, into my arms Em Let me wrap you up with this southern boy charm C Hey bay, what you say? Girl you got a way G Of making me want to take the long way home Em C I went hugging and kissing, getting the loving turned on I need you back you see The things you do to me Em C If you’re feeling what I’m feeling hop on out of that shotgun seat G Lay it on me Lay it on me Em Lay it on me C Lay it on me
G Em Give me a shot of them sweet pink lemonade lips C That’s it, don’t quit Girl it’s right on hit G You could be my country dime I wanna make you mine Em You’re so fine, I ain’t lyin’ C Don’t you think it’s time to Refrão x2
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