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Anna Lee

Tono:  A
 Helpless child 
Dm/A                                 A    A/G
They invite your hands to fill their needs 
         Dm/F    G7
Will you be the same 
 Shameless smile 
   Dm/A                                 A  A/G
To steal from you the innocence that bleeds 
          Dm/F      G7  C#m
Will they feel your pain 
A E/G# F#m Trying to believe D A/C# Bm The scars unseen Bm/A E The tears wash clean G D You don't wanna breathe the air you breathe G D You don't know how you'll live a life alone D/F# She keeps holding on G4 G D/F# Em Holding on to you Em/D C Let her breathe the air Cm G/B Eb7 Am7 Don't wanna be alone where do you belong D7 G Cm/G G D/F# Anna lee
A Behind those eyes Dm/A The vivid scene A A/G A lucid dream within Dm/F G7 A Questioned secrets are revealed A And everytime Dm/A You can't deny A A/G The lines that trace your skin Dm/F C#m Wounds that never heal Chorus Eb Bb F And now she's calling out a name Eb Bb F Can't keep on hiding all her pain Cm Bb You feel the rain move in Eb F As you begin C# D# F To turn and answer the call solo Em C G/B Am Trying to believe F C/E Dm The scars unseen Dm/C G The tears wash clean Bb F You don't wanna breathe the air you breathe Bb F You don't know how you'll live a life alone F/A She keeps holding on Bb4 Bb Gm Holding on to you Gm/F Eb Let her breathe the air Ebm Bb/D F#7/C# Cm7 Don't wanna be alone where do you belong F7 Bb Anna Lee
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