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Act Of Faythe Ukulele tab

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Act Of Faythe

(Dream Theater)

Tono:  G#
	  G#      			      Cm 
I never knew they spent their days in rags 
G#     					Cm 
While I enjoy the life they'll never have 
    C#                D# 
Yet deep within their eyes 
G#     D#        Fm 
Hope still survives 
C#                                           D# 
And they don't seem to think this world's so bad 

G#      		      Cm 
Even as they gather in the square 
G#      				 Cm 
They know that a better life exists out there 
     C#          D# 
With unity and pride 
G#    D#      Fm 
Faith stays alive 
E            G#m                D# 
How can I pretend that I don't care? 

Fm        D#        Fm 
I have always felt alone 
                D#        G# 
Living like a stranger inside of my own home 
Fm      D#               C#                Cm 
Maybe now's the time to greet the winds of change 
          A#   C#             D# 
Could my destiny be right in front of me? 

G#      	            Cm 
As a child behind the palace walls 
G#      		    	  Cm 
Often times I'd search its secret halls 
     C#               D# 
And hope that I would find 
   G#     D#    Fm 
A treasure cast aside 
  C#             A#m             C          G 
I came upon the greatest gift of all 

    C             Em 
My music player 

My private paradise 
C                 Em 
My music player 

A refuge I must hide 
      F            G 
And lost at sea forever, 

   Em          Am 
I drifted far away 

    F       Em      Dm           C 
Now finally for the first time I know 
     G        C 
I've found my way 
F        C 
Found my way 
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