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Valley of the damned Ukulele tab




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Valley of the damned

On a cold dark winter night, hidden by the stormy light 
D                                 C           D   
A battle rages for the right, for what will become 
In the valley of the damned, a warrior with sword in hand 
D                                 C          D 
Travels fast across the land, for freedom he rides 
Am                    C 
And the sign from the master on high 
  He screams aloud and across hear the cry 
For the kingdom of fire and ice 
        C           B 
And the power to be alive 
Am        C        Em 
Be strong ride on, carry on through the war 
Am         C         B 
Come along carry on, living for ever more 

       Em                     G 
On the wings of death, by the hands of doom 
       D                       Em 
By the darkest light, from the darkest moon 
         Em                G 
Crossing silent seas, over mountains high 
       C              D    
For we stand as one tonight 

        G            D       Em        Bm 
On the black wind forever we ride on together 
  C             G         C           D  
Destroying your evil with freedom our guide 
         G           D 
When the master will call us 
      Em           Bm 
He'll stand high before us 
    C                  G 
Our hearts filled with splendour 
    C                 D         Em 
Our swords will shine over the light 

In the valley of the damned 
Day breaks with golden strand 
Over pastures green it glows 
   C           B  
To where night returns 
Am             C  
In the shadows faces appear 
Warriors wearing full metal gear 
Am                                   C        B 
Join together one and all before the glorious light 
Am       C             Em 
Rise up, gather round, come and hear what is said 
Am              C              B   
Use your senses open your mind don't you ever forget 
       Em                    G 
On the wings of life, by the hands of hope 
       D                        Em 
By the brightest light from the brightest sun 
         Em               G 
Crossing silent seas over mountains high 
       C             D   
To the valley of the damned! 
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