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Last Man Stands Ukulele tab




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Last Man Stands

Tono:  D
	  "Last Man Stands" by Dragonforce  

The song goes D A Bm G the whole song ;) 

D               A 
One man remains 

Bm                              G 
And the stars seem to change 

D               A       Bm          G 
Far beyond our universe tonight 

And the cries of the brave 
And the skies filled with pain 
For the silent ones we pray for all tonight 

New dawn rising 

Destruction and pain 

Long days passing 

The fear of the rain 

Soliders fighting on 
The price they will pay 
Nuclear meltdown 
The world uncertain  

  D                             A 
For the power of the tragedy of man's creation 

Bm                                      G 
Rise from the suffering for our salvation 

Fearless we stand 

Strong 'til the end 

Bm                              G 
At the trial of all our lives 

D               A                  Bm G G 
Now say your final goodbyes 

A D Light the path for the journey home Bm G Save a prayer for the lost alone A D Find a way from the other side
Bm G Before the hero stands, still blinding Through the long nights across the seas Shine a light for eternity Find a way beyond the other side Until the last man stands for all mankind Skies now blackened The night turns to day Nations fearful of global decay Fires still raging on In vain now we pray Nuclear fire The fortunes fading As we stand at the edge of barren desolation Fight for the future of our generation Fearless we stand Brave we defend For a thousand lives gone by Now say our final goodbyes Chorus x2 And the fate of the world in our hands Rise again until the end of time Until the last man stand
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