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Rock Bottom Ukulele tab

Donnie Mills



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Rock Bottom

Tono:  Em
	   Em                                        Am7 
Ive struggled with my demons through the choices that Ive made 
  B7                           Em 
running from the promises that I always betrayed 
I set out to find the answers, I'd too soon forgotten 
           B7                        Am7                    Em   
(then I) came upon a road sign that said "Welcome To Rock Bottom" 
Dreary days of endless haze where you never see the sun 
lonliness and desperation, population one 
I walk these empty streets in search of all the things forgotten 
seems like I have made myself at home in Rock Bottom 
(Chorus)Am7                               Em 
   Rock Bottom is a place thats built on all your broken dreams 
             B7                                Em 
   where heartache lays its head at night and nothings what it seems 
       Am7                             Em 
   I had hopes to reach my goals, but too soon I forgot 'em 
               B7                            Am7            Em 
   seems like all the roads Ive chosen have led me to Rock Bottom 
bridge Am7                           Em 
When you travel down lifes way, be careful that you know 
  B7                                Em 
where you rest your head upon the shoulder of that road 
  Am7                                   Em 
remember all the lessons learned, and where it was you got em' 
     B7                            Am7      B7          Em 
and never get to comfortable when passing through Rock Bottom 

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