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The Man On The Flying Trapeze Ukulele tab

Donald Peers



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The Man On The Flying Trapeze

Tono:  D

D7  G          E7         C 
Oh, once I was happy, but now I'm forlorn, 
D7                       G            D7 
Like an old coat that is tatter'd and torn. 
    G            E7            C 
I'm left in this wide world to fret and to mourn, 
D7                        G  
Betrayed by a maid in her teens. 

    Em                B7            Em 
Now this girl that I loved, she was handsome and swell, 
      Em          B7           Em 
And I tried all I knew her to please; 
      Em          B7             Em          A7 
But I never could please her one quarter so well, 
        A7                   D7 
As that man on the flying trapeze. 

        G              E7             A7        
Oh, he flies thro' the air with the greatest of ease, 
     D7                     G          D7 
The daring young man on the flying trapeze. 
      G             E7            A7 
His movements are graceful; all girls he does please, 
    D7                       G  
And my love he has purloined away. 

Now the young man by name was Sefior Boni Slang, 
Tall, big and handsome, as well made as Chang. 
Where'er he appeared, how the hall loudly rang, 
With ovations from all people there. 


He'd smile from the bar on the people below 
And one night he smiled on my love, 
She winked back at him, and she shouted "Bravo!" 
As he hung by his nose from above. 


Her father and mother were both on my side 
And tried very hard to make her my bride. 
Her father, he sighed, and her mother, she cried 
To see her throw herself away. 


'Twas all no avail, she went there ev'ry night 
And threw her bouquets on the stage, 
Which caused him to meet her?how he ran me down, 
To tell it would take a whole page. 


One night I as usual went to her dear home, 
And found there her mother and father alone. 
I asked for my love, and soon 'twas made known, 
To my horror, that she'd run away. 


She packed up her boxes and eloped in the night, 
With him with the greatest of ease. 
From two stories high he had lowered her down 
To the ground on  his flying trapeze. 


Some months after that I went into a hall; 
To my surprise I found there on the wall 
A bill in red letters which did my heart gall, 
That she was appearing with him. 


He'd taught her gymnastics, and dressed her in tights 
To help him live at ease. 
He'd made her assume a masculine name, 
And now she goes on the trapeze. 

Final Chorus: 
She floats through the air with the greatest of ease; 
You'd think her a man on the flying trapeze. 
She does all the work while he takes his ease, 
And that's what's become of my love. 
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