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Loves Dart Ukulele tab

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Loves Dart

Tono:  G
Intro: G Bflat G F (4x) 

verse 1: 
    Bflat             Am                    G     F 
You ride out into the strongest sun and you know 
      Bflat                     Am                      G     F 
Gonna leave you for dead as the sun over head you don't shun 
    Bflat                   Am               G     F 
The thirst comes on and the water is all you want  
            Bflat                                       F 
But there's gold in your eyes and it keeps you alive to move on 

G Loves dart Bflat F No longer sharp Bflat F The end is in sight but your aim takes you out of the mark G Loves dart Bflat F broken apart Bflat F If you walk in circles you'll find yourself back at the start
verse 2: Bflat Am G F The wind kicks up and the day grows so old Bflat Am G F If you keep on going you'll make it out of this dust bowl Bflat Am G F You think of the one you knew that was so fair Bflat F You remember about the girl with the golden hair Chorus verse 3: Bflat Am G F In the near distance you see a form Bflat Am G F You recognize the face but you're feeling warm Bflat Am G F Rub your eyes and see there's no one around Bflat F Lie down for a while, she'll stay with you 'til you move on Chorus
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