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Millers Cave Ukulele tab

Dickey Lee



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Millers Cave

Tono:  G
 G        D     A        D 
(Dark old cave..Miller's cave.) 

Way down in the state of Georgia, through the  
A              D 
swamps and everglades. 
          G             D 
There's a hole in Tiger Mountain, God help the  
             A                D 
man who gets lost in Miller's Cave. 
I had a girl (had a girl) in Waycross, Georgia  
                           A              D 
(Waycross, Georgia) but she had unfaithful ways. 
        G                         D 
Made me feel (made me feel) I was unwanted (so 
unwanted) like the bats and the bears in Miller's  

I couldn't stand the way she did me, couldn't  
A                D 
take her lowdown ways. 
            G                    D 
Before I'll stay with a cheatin' woman, I'll go  
              A                 D 
live with the bears in Miller's Cave. 
(Dark old, dark old, dark old cave.) 

I caught her out (caught her out) one Sunday morning,  
                          Bb                Eb 
(Sunday morning) with the man they call Big Dave. 
        Ab                             Eb 
Meanest man (meanest man) in Waycross, Georgia,  

(Waycross, Georgia) I'd rather fight a  
         Bb               Eb 
mountain lion in Miller's Cave. 

I said you'll pay (said you'll pay) both you and Davy  
                         Bb              Eb 
(you and Davy) I'm gonna see you in your graves. 
                Ab                            Eb 
They laughed at me (laughed at me) and then I shot 'em 

(then I shot 'em.) 
Eb                              Bb                Eb 
I took their cheatin', scheming bones to Miller's Cave. 

(Dark old, dark old, dark old cave.) 

That woman made (woman made) me feel unwanted (so unwanted)  
      B                E 
but I showed her I was brave. 
            A                   E 
Most wanted man in the state of Georgia, but they'll never  
                   B                E 
find me, cause I'm lost in Miller's Cave.   
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