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Music, Maestro, Please Ukulele tab

Dick Haimes



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Music, Maestro, Please

(Herb Magidson and Allie Wrubel)

Tono:  D
Introdução: D9 D A7 A7/9  G G9 G D9 A7/13- 

A7    D   D6    Edim     F#7             B7    Gdim       B7 
Tonight    I mustn't think of her music, maestro, please 
   E7    G            G/B     A7/13- 
Tonight,    tonight I must forget 
      D9        D      A7  A7/9  G     G9     G   D9    A7/13- 
Those precious little hours      no hearts and flowers 
A7    D   D6      Edim    F#7          B7      Gdim       B7 
Just play    your lilting melodies  ragtime, jazztime, swing 
Cdim  B7  E7   G             G/B      A7/13- 
Any  old thing    to help me ease the pain 
A7   D     D6   G   Gm    D 
That    solitude    can bring 
D7  D5+     D7/9 G       Em Fdim  Am    Am7    D7 D5+  G  G/F#  E7 
She used to like waltzes,    so please, don't play a waltz. 
    Bm5-/7  E7 A     F#m        D9       E7   Em7  Em7/9 A7/13- 
She danced devinely,    and I loved her    sothere  I    go. 
A7    D   D6    Edim     F#7          B7   Gdim    B7 
Tonight    I mustn't think of her no more memories 
    G   Gm   Gdim     D   D5+  B7 
So play  tonight I must forget 
Em7     A7    A7/13-   D9  D D6 
Music, maestro,    please 
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