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A Very Precious Love Ukulele tab

Dick Haimes



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A Very Precious Love

(Sammy Fain and Paul Francis Webster)

Tono:  A
E A     E7       A       D9     Fdim    A 
A very precious love is what you are to me 
   D9           Bm5-/7  C#m5-/7            F#7   Gdim   Bm 
A stairway to a star, a night in Shangri La of ecstasy 
D9 E7   Cdim A     D9  Bm5-/7  E7 F#7 
Lanterns of gold,  lanterns  of  blue 
B7     Cdim     E               B7         E 
Twinkle in the shadows while I dance with you 
E  A    E7      A     D9       Fdim    A 
An echo in the wind across the summer lake 
   D9               Bm5-/7      C#m5-/7              F#7 
Is saying you should know that lanterns lose their glow 
    Gdim        Bm 
And hearts can break 
   C#7               F#7            D      Cdim      Bm5-/7 
So hold me close, my Darling, then kiss me tenderly 
     D9      Bm5-/7      A          D9  Edim     E7  E7/13 A 
And give your precious love, your very precious love to me 
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