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Traces Ukulele tab

Dennis Yost & The Classics Four



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	Bbmaj7       Ebmaj7        Em7         A7sus4    A7 
Verse 1: 

	D           F#m 
	Faded photographs 
	Am6               B7 
	Covered now with lines and creases 
	Em               C 
	Tickets torn in half 
	C#m7/5-               F# 
	Memories in bits and pieces 

Chorus 1: 

	Bm        Bm7/A     G#m7/5- 
	Traces of love long ago 
	     Gmaj7           Bbmaj7   Ebmaj7 
	That didn't work out right 
	          Em7     A7sus4 A7 
	Traces of love 

Verse 2: 

	Ribbons from her hair 
	Souvenirs of days together 
	The ring she used to wear 
	Pages from an old love letter 

Chorus 2: 

	Traces of love long ago 
	That didn't work out right 
	Traces of love with me tonight 


	Bm          F#m 
	I close my eyes 
	Bm         F#m 
	And say a prayer 
	Bm                 F#m 
	That in her heart she'll find 
	    G                  A 
	A trace of love still there 

	{key modulates to Eb 

Sax solo (verse chord pattern, in Eb): 

	Eb  Gm  Bbm6   C7 
	Fm  Db  Dm7/5-  G7 

Chorus 3: 

	Cm       Cm7/Bb       Am7/5- 
	Traces of hope in the night 
	     Abmaj7               Bmaj7   Emaj7 
	That she'll come back and dry 
	These traces of tears 
	Bb7sus4 Bb7  Eb 
	From    my   eyes 

Sax solo (verse chord pattern) to fade 
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