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The Raincoat Song Ukulele tab




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The Raincoat Song

Tono:  D
Capo en el 3er traste


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Intro/Verses: e|------3----3---------3--3--------3---3--------3---3-------2---2--------2---2-----------| B|---2--------2-----2------2----2-------2----2-------2----0------0-----0------0----------| G|-----3-------3------3-----3-----3------3----3-------3----0------0-----0------0---------| D|-0--------------0-----------0------------0------------------0--------------------------| A|----------0-----------0------------0------------0------------------------0-------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------3----------3--------------------| e|------3----3---------3--3---------------------------| B|---2--------2-----2------2----===-------------------| G|-----3-------3------3-----3-------------------------| D|-0--------------0-----------------------------------| A|----------0-----------0-----------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------| (play once for intro, twice for verses) Chorus: e|-----------------3---3------3---3-------3--3---------------------------------| B|-----2---2-----0------0---2------2----2-----2--------------------------------| G|---2------2-----0------0---3------3----3-----3-------------------------------| (play twice) D|----2------2-------0-----0----------0----------------------------------------| A|-0----------------------------0-----------0----------------------------------| E|-------0------3--------------------------------------------------------------| Transition: e|---3-----3----2-------------------------------------------------------------| B|----2-----2----0------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----3-----0----0-----------------------------------------------------------| D|-0--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------2--------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------3--------------------------------------------------------------| (play twice after Chorus)
Intro: D-D-D-D-G7-G7-D-D verse 1: D Caroline, you're angry because you sleep like a spinster and you're twenty-eight G7 D You've been thinking late, you couldn't catch a cold D Bend your head double in the goose-down, piling all the pillows high G7 D Heave your fiercest sigh and see if that'll work Chorus: A G D And the raincoat that you wore when it rained today A G D And the raincoat that you wore when it rained today Transition: D G7 I think it only made it rain more D G7 I think it only made it rain the more verse 2: D And if the water's all wicking up your pant-leg, better wear your britches tight G7 D I should teach you right to be so down at heel D Going off half-cocked, not shot full of arrows from the cherubim G7 D Oh, the nerve of them to not draw their bows
A G D And the raincoat that you wore when it rained today A G D And the raincoat that you wore when it rained today
Transition: D G7 I think it only made it rain more D G7 I think it only made it rain the more
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