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Tono:  C


G, quick shift to C     X4 

Am                                G                                   
What a gift, what a gift has been given me 
           C/G        D add4 
Here with my heart so whole  
     Am            C 
While others may be grieving 
                  G          C  G 
To think of their grieving 

Am                                   G 
And O my boy, don't you know you are dear to me 
           C/G        D add4  
You are the breath of life  
     Am             C 
And a light upon the water 
                G        C  G 
A light upon the water 

(Harmonica solo â?? use verse form.) 

Am                                    G 
And O my love, if you only knew how I longed for you 
     C/G      D add4  
How I waste my days  
       Am             C 
Wishing you would come around 
                    G      C  G 
Just to have you around 

Am                                  G 
And what a dear, what a sweet little baby 
    C/G    D add4   
This cannonball  
      Am            C 
In the bosom of your belly 
                        G        C G 
It's just a kick in your belly 

(Harmonica solo #2) 

Am                                  G 
And O my god, what a world you have made here 
       C/G      D add4 
What a terrible world  
      Am        C 
What a beautiful world 
                       G         C  G   
What a world you have made here 
            C        G                C  G 
What a world you have made here 
            C        G                C  G 
What a world you have made here 
            C        G                C  G 
What a world you have made here. 
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