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Drifter Ukulele tab




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Áño: 2007 - Álbum: DecembeRadio (Expanded Edition)

Tono:  B
B          C#m                    E 
I used to have a home a place I started from 
a place to call my own 
the bright lights and late nights 
the devil took me on a midnight ride 
  E                              B 
left me out in the desert on my own 

Pre Chorus: 
     C#m         F# 
And now I feel alone 
          C#m                     F# 
I need a hand to help me find my way back home 
B I'm a drifter out on a dead end road C#m trying to find my way back home E B to get to You, oh to get to You B Lord I've been gone for far to long C#m headed to places i dont belong E B and I've got to get back home to You
Verse 2: B C#m E Sometimes I think about the past the road that I was on B the road that lead me home B C#m I'll walk on another day I may wonder but I'll never stray E B I found out the hard way sin don't pay PreChorus Chorus Bridge: C#m F# and when I feel the night is closing in C#m A and I can barely breathe the air C#m F# I just remember that i've got a friend C#m A who really cares oh who really cares
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