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City Lights Ukulele tab

December Avenue



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City Lights

Tono:  G
	  G - Gm7 - C  
G Gm7  
Standing, caught up in the aisle  
G Gm7  
By overflowing lights they fake the moment  
Reminiscing former love I'm laughing  
And I'm reaching for someone to cover me  
G Gm7  
I'm wandering empty streets  
Then broken hearts just crashing  
Gm7 C  
Thinking how i could escape the feeling  
Lost control and nothing could have make myself alive  
Bm7 C Em7  D  
Seeking the road of joy and tranquility  
Bm7   C  
Where am i going now  
Em7 D  
I need a light to shine on me  
Bm7 C Em7 D  
I'm all alone now I'm wonderin' and I'm hoping  
C D  
and I'm waiting my chance to look  
G C  
City lights they're all with me, They fill me with serenity  
Bm7   C Em7  
They're coming one by one  
   D Bm7    C      Em7 D  C  
until i seperate my mind into the light  
and i've got my chance to look  
Descent chains of neon symbols  
I've been seeing lots and lots of colors  
How exciting, leaning through the breeze of lonely hours.. 
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